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*Data for ~2k accessions, >400k SNPs (environmental & other data in supplement)
+Our article discussed on State of the Planet.

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+There is a minor corrigendum to this paper. pdf

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*Reporting on our article at Texas Advanced Computing Center

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+Our article was the subject of a perspective piece by Stephen Tonsor and was recommended on Faculty of 1000 by Jonathan Losos & Ian Wang

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+Media coverage by Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, Washington Post 1, Washington Post 2, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Texas Tribune, Vice News, KJZZ Phoenix Public Radio, Seeker, Fusion,, Inverse, E&E News, Congressional Quarterly, Ecoaméricas, Slate, Newsweek, Nature News, The Wildlife Professional, Live Science, KTBC-TV, Texas Public Radio, & The Daily Texan

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